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Diamonds are created from pressure but pearls are created through adversity...

In 2017 the Lord began to give me dreams about beautiful pieces of jewelery. I started waking up and drawing the designs and I quickly began taking classes so that I could begin creating them!

The Lord gave me the name of the boutique and in 2019, I opened my first pop-up boutique in a mall in Houston, Texas.

I quickly began to notice that every time that I was at the pop-up, the Lord would send people who needed help. People who needed encouragement, healing or just a word from him. The business began to grow until the coronavirus hit in 2020.

I closed the pop-up location and was at a loss for what to do next.  I started seeking the Lord and he told me that he had plans to duplicate what he was doing with me. He told me that My Hope Boutique would have several locations and that all of the people that worked there would be used by him to minister to the lost, the sick and the hurting. That My Hope Boutique would truly become a place of hope in Jesus Christ!

Inspired, I launched the online website with all of my designs..many of which were designed by the Lord himself!

Truly, God does bring beauty out of adversity!

With Love,


My Hope Boutique


100% Handmade ♥ 100% One of a Kind ♥ 100% Made with Love!